Clear-Safe Grinding Oil #1


Clear-Safe Grinding Oil #1 is a high-performance, synthetic oil-based grinding fluid designed for use in CNC grinding machines utilizing diamond and CBN grinding wheels. It is bright and clear oil that affords exceptional visibility, while allowing optimum operating speeds and stock removal. Its unique formulation assures excellent wheel life and finish with diamond and CBN grinding wheels, while providing maximum lubrication of machine and work piece. Clear-Safe Grinding Oil #1 provides excellent filtration properties with all types of filtration devices.

Environmentally Safe:

Clear-Safe Grinding Oil #1 is a biodegradable fluid that will minimize operator skin irritations and is environmentally safe and non-hazardous. It contains no nitrites or ethanolamines.


Clear-Safe Grinding Oil #1 is a water-clear, low-viscosity, high-performance oil. It is an inert product designed to eliminate problems with cobalt leaching without the need for additives. This fluid has minimal volatility, coupled with a high flash point. Its flash point is much greater than competitive products. As a result, there is maximum flash fire safety.

Clear-Safe Grinding Oil #1 has the following properties:

Specific gravity @ 60°F: .79

Pounds/Gallon: 6.65

Viscosity SUS @ 100°F: <45


Flash Point: Over 300°F

Storage and Handling:

Clear-Safe Grinding Oil #1 can easily be handled under ordinary commercial conditions. Storage tanks should be mild steel. Glass-lined or stainless tanks are also acceptable.


Clear-Safe Grinding Oil #1 is designed for circulating systems associated with CNC-type machines.


Clear-Safe Grinding Oil #1 is sold in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, and 275-gallon totes.