Point Guard MC LX Premium

Some call Point Guard MC LX Premium “the Eliminator.”

Find out why by scrolling through the comic panels below:

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“The Eliminator” saved the day with Point Guard MC LX Premium. You can be a hero too. Order today by calling Cutting Edge Fluids at 440-899-6340.


Point Guard MC LX Premium is the premier bio-stable machining and grinding micro emulsion fluid designed for the multitude of tasks required in all types of CNC-type machining applications. This micro emulsion fluid has the unparalleled cooling characteristics of a water-soluble coolant, with the load carrying properties of a high-performance cutting oil. It can be used for a full spectrum of applications: light duty to heavy duty, aluminum to stainless steel, grinding to broaching. Point Guard MC LX Premium has proven effective for all CNC applications where a water-soluble, high-performance coolant is preferred. Point Guard MC LX Premium excels in high-pressure delivery systems due to its low foam and heat dissipation characteristics. It has unparalleled resistance to bacteria and mold, resulting in sump life that could be measured in years.


  • Excellent cooling and lubricity properties

  • Operator/environment friendly

  • Extended tool life

  • Excellent anti-foam characteristics

  • No nitrites, silicones, or heavy metals

  • Easy emulsification

  • Excellent hard water stability

  • Good rust protection for both parts & machine

  • Excellent EP

  • Easy removal from part with water

  • Maximum penetration and heat dissipation for micromachining
    and deep-hole drilling


Point Guard MC LX Premium provides excellent bio-stability while imparting excellent corrosion protection and lubrication. Since this product is free of fatty acids, there will be no soap scum with hard water.

Point Guard MC LX Premium is an amber liquid with the following properties:

Specific gravity @ 60°F: .94

Pounds/Gallon: 8.21

pH 5% emulsion: 9.2

Falex 5% emulsion: 2000/50

Emulsion stability: No oil or cream


Point Guard MC LX Premium is designed for circulating systems associated with CNC-type machines or with flooded work systems. Suggested dilution ratios are 2% to 20% depending on application (as far as severity of operation and metal hardness).


Point Guard MC LX Premium is available in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, 275-gallon totes, and bulk.