Surface Grind #1000


Surface Grind #1000 is a universal, clear, synthetic grinding fluid designed to be effective in high-agitation situations. It is recommended for surface grinding, Blanchard type, double disk and ID/OD grinding applications. This low-foam, low-mist fluid is effective in hard or soft water applications. Metal fines settle rapidly and are easily filtered by common media. The fluid keeps grinding wheels clear and clean with minimum wheel loading.


  • Very low foaming tendencies

  • Excellent bio-resistance

  • Superior rust and corrosion protection

  • Excellent performance at high speeds and feeds

  • Low odor, clear, clean fluid

  • Easily filtered

  • Increased wheel life

  • Improved surface finish

Recommended Starting Dilutions:

Depending on type of job and metal involved, the recommended dilution is between 1:15 and 1:35.

Health and Safety:

Surface Grind #1000 contains no mineral oil, chlorine, sulfur, phosphorous, nitrites, phenols or silicone. The waste is not considered hazardous by RCRA. Based on available information, this product produces no adverse side effects when handled properly. As always, good personal hygiene should be practiced.

Physical Properties:

Physical state: clear liquid, green dye

Solubility in water: complete

Weight, lb/gal, 60°F (15.6°C): 8.72

Specific gravity (H2O) = 1: 1.045

Flash Point COC, °F (°C): none, self-Extinguishing

Freezing point (or pour point), °F (°C): 26 (-3)

pH, concentrate: 9.95

pH, 1:20 (5%): 9.10


Surface Grind #1000 is sold in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, and 275-gallon totes.