Swiss Silver Tough Lube 101


Swiss Silver Tough Lube 101 is a top-of-the-line, food-grade vegetable oil base, metal-working fluid. This unique fluid is targeted for tough applications where high performance is required without the use of chlorine. The vegetable oil base of this fluid provides consistent alignment of the fluid’s lubricity component to the metal-work piece. With a consistent level of boundary lubrication, there is no variation in the tool pressure being applied during a machining operation. Tool life is increased. This fluid is especially effective on aerospace alloys, aerospace aluminum, and tough steel/nickel alloys. The combination of the lubricity polar quality of the vegetable oil-base and new “state-of-the-art” extreme pressure additives allows the fluid to function in a superior fashion in all machining and grinding applications where heat and pressure are factors.


Swiss Silver Tough Lube 101is an exciting, environmentally friendly product that is task-oriented for tough operations. It is a very benign fluid that is easy on the operator and machine with the following properties: 

Physical state: amber liquid, mild odor

Specific gravity (H2O) =1: 0.95

Weight, lb/gal, @ 60°F: 7.98

Flash point COC, °F (°C): 420+

Falex: 4500/44


Swiss Silver Tough Lube 101 is designed for circulating systems associated with CNC-type machines or with flooded work systems.


Swiss Silver Tough Lube 101 is sold in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, and 275-gallon totes.