1) Maintain proper starting mix / charge-up mix.

It’s very important to charge-up sump at proper mixture. We recommend to run product at a 7% mixture while machining. Product can be mixed up to 15%, but a 7% mixture is sufficient for most applications. The product should read approximately a 7.0 using a refractometer. The reading on the refractometer corresponds directly from mixture. For example, if reading is 7.5 on refractometer, the mix is at 7.5%.

2) Maintain proper daily pre-mix / daily adds.

To maintain the correct mixture in the sump, it’s extremely important the proper daily pre-mix is added to the sump for daily top-offs. While we recommend a 7.0% mix in the sumps, to maintain this mix it’s important to add a mix of approximately 3.5% to the sumps for top-off adds. This allows for water evaporation and carry off on chips. By adding at a mix at 3.5%, this will keep mixture in sump at a recommended mix of 7.0%.

3) Never add just water to sumps.

It’s important to always add a pre-mix of 3.5% to sumps once machine is charged up at 7.0%. The pre-mix of 3.5% contains the corrosion protection, lubricity additives, and much more to keep the coolant fresh and stable. By adding only water for an extended period of time, corrosion protection, lubricity, bio-stability, and other key functions of the coolant will be compromised.

4) Remove unwanted tramp oil.

Tramp oil contaminants are a food source for bacteria, can cause smoking/misting issues, can cause sticky residue, and also contribute to foaming problems. It’s important to use oil skimmers of some type to remove unwanted tramp oil. The coolant will reject tramp oil extremely well to the top of the coolant surface for easy skimming. We recommend to use any type of oil skimming equipment to remove the tramp oil contaminants.

5) Use proper coolant equipment.

There are three important coolant equipment tools needed to maintain coolant properly. It’s important to have a refractometer to measure coolant mixtures accurately, a coolant mixer to ensure proper and constant daily mixes, and, finally, an oil skimmer to remove tramp oil. These three tools are simple and necessary to maintain coolant.

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